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About Opus Software, Inc.

Opus Software invests 100% of its talent creating the highest quality Make tools available. How could you let such an integral piece of your development cycle be anything less than the best?

Since 1987, Opus Software has been recognized as a technology leader. We are the only development tool vendor exclusively focused on the build process.

Thousands of programmers use Opus Make to obtain faster builds and multi-platform support. Teams at firms like Lotus, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Intel, Autodesk and Electronic Arts use Opus Make during the development of some of our industry's most visible software products.

Several complementary development tool vendors have also noticed Opus is the premium provider of make utilities. Companies such as PureAtria and Lahey bundle exclusive versions of Opus Make.

Opus Software’s future emphasis is to continue enhancing the performance and inter-operability of Opus Make. Currently, Opus Make is available for MS-DOS, Win95, WinNT, OS/2, Solaris, SunOS, AIX, HP-UX and several other operating environments. Contact us if you are interested in additional platforms.

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