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What Others Say About Opus Make

"Opus Make is the most compelling reason for not using
the make utilities bundled with today's compilers."

Andrew Binstock - Editor, Unix Review Magazine

Since 1987, Opus Software has been recognized as a technology leader. Thousands of programmers have switched to Opus Make to obtain faster builds and multi-platform support. Teams at firms like Lotus, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Intel, Autodesk and Electronic Arts use Opus Make during the development of some of our industry's most visible software products.

Several complementary development tool vendors have also noticed Opus is the premium provider of make utilities. Companies such as PureAtria and Lahey bundle exclusive versions of Opus Make.

Here’s what a few of our users are saying about Opus Make:

"Opus Make relieved all of our memory usage nightmares experienced with Configuration Builder!"
Mark Strelau - Insurance Information Technologies

"Switching to Opus Make paid for itself within a couple of weeks."
Jay Heyl - Beckman Instruments

"Opus Make offered us an extremely powerful set of features while preserving compatibility with our old make. Plus, we were able to utilize a single makefile encompassing all of our various platform targets."
Jim Reesman - Applied Retail Solutions

"We were in critical need of a robust make since our previous make kept crashing. Opus Make easily solved our needs!"
David Dennerline - Touch Technology

"Opus Make relieved us of the limitations experienced with Microsoft’s Nmake."
Jim Bulitta - Mintec

"Opus Make is really a workhorse product."
Rob Robinette - SkyStream

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