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V6.11 -> V6.12 Patches for WinNT (Intel)

  1. Click on PCH_NTI.EXE to download this patch, then run it (either at download time, or through the <Start / Run...> system menu).

  2. In the "Extract To" field, enter the directory of your Opus Make v6.11 installation (default: C:\OPUS). Once you've extracted the patches, you should see a PATCHES subdirectory holding PATCH.EXE (Pocket Soft's patch program), PATCH.MAK and several deeper subdirectories holding the actual patch files. This extraction also overwrites your SAMPLES directory with new samples -- in particular, an updated SourceSafe sample.

  3. Start up an MS-DOS shell.

  4. Change into the Opus Make v6.11 installation WinNT subdirectory (default: C:\OPUS\NTI).

  5. Copy make.exe to make611.exe.

  6. Execute the command "make611 -f ..\patches\patch.mak" and follow the instructions.

  7. Delete make611.exe.

If you have any problems or suggestions, please call Don at (415) 485-9786 or dgk@opussoftware.com

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