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Development Questions and Answers

Ask yourself the following questions:

Opus Make has the answers: [Top]

Opus Make relieves memory constraints and performance hurdles [Top]

Processes your makefile up to 4 times faster than InterSolv Configuration Builder! Unique queuing ability reduces compiler reloads for even quicker builds! On MS-DOS systems, eliminates memory usage problems.

Opus Make offers a powerful set of features [Top]

Offers rich features such as pattern-based inference rules, support for multiple directories, unsurpassed macro support, makefile debugging, object library support, conditional and looping constructs, automatic response-file generation for unlimited command-line length, and much more!

Opus MKMF automates makefile generation [Top]

Simplifies the tedious task of keeping dependency information up to date. Opus MKMF (Make makefile) automatically updates makefiles by scanning your source files for header-file dependencies. MKMF is fully aware of C/C++ directives so even conditionally-included header files are treated properly. As well, MKMF is unique in its ability to produce dependencies that are portable between file systems.

Opus Make is unrivaled in multi-platform support [Top]

Offers you the ability to utilize a sole makefile across multiple operating environments. Opus Make is available for MS-DOS, Win95, WinNT, OS/2, AIX, SUNOS, Solaris, HPUX, SCO and other UNIX platforms. Opus Make on each platform can read the makefiles created on any other platform.

Opus Make is integrated with popular version control systems [Top]

Opus Make supports more version control systems than any other make utility -- Intersolv PVCS, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, MKS RCS and Source Integrity, and Burton System TLIB. With Opus Make's VCS support your makefiles can access lists of versioned files from the current version or any past labeled version and will extract versioned files as needed for the build.

Opus Make is compatible with your current make and compiler [Top]

No need to rewrite existing makefiles! Unique to Opus Make, it reads and processes makefiles used by Intersolv PolyMake & Configuration Builder, Microsoft NMAKE, and UNIX makes. Supports many desktop, embedded and workstation compilers.

For more compatibility details follow the Intersolv compatibility and NMAKE compatibility links.

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