Target Attributes

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Target Attributes [Top]

Target Attributes assign certain properties to targets. There are two forms:

target [...] [attribute ...] : [sources ...] 
attribute [...] : [target ...] 

Both forms assign attributes to the targets on the dependency line. If no targets are listed, the attribute is inherited by all targets subsequently defined.

The negation of .ATTRIBUTE is .NOATTRIBUTE.

Attribute Description
.ALWAYS Always rebuild named target.
.CHAIN Chain inference rules.
.DEPSRC Named targets are dependent sources.
.IGNORE Ignore non-zero return status.
.INFER Force inference rule check.
.LIBRARY Named targets are object libraries.
.MAKE Override "-n", "-q", and "-t" command-line options.
.MISER Use memory miser for named target (MS-DOS only.)
.NOCOMPARE Target(s) named are not timestamp-compared when appearing as a source.
.NODEFAULT Target(s) named are not the default target.
.PRECIOUS Do not delete non-zero return status targets.
.REREAD Reread target timestamp and location from disk.
.RULE Indicates dependency line is an inference rule.
.QUEUE Indicates shell lines may be queued.
.SILENT Do not display executing shell lines.
.VCSTOUCH Set extracted source file timestamp to VCS version timestamp.


Special Targets [Top]

Special targets execute shell lines at specific times during the Make process.

Target Usage
.AFTER : [source...] Build sources and execute shell lines after Make has built its last target.
.BEFORE : [source...] Build sources and execute shell lines before Make builds the first target.
.DEFAULT[.ext ] Supplies shell lines which can be used to update targets of extension .ext. .DEFAULT[.ext] is converted to an equivalent "%[.ext] : " rule.
.XXX_GET Where XXX is one of "PVCS", "RCS", "SS", "TLIB". These special targets supply shell lines and attributes for rules that "get" files from the named version control system.