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Command Line [Top]

mkmf [option |macro |file |@response ] ... 

For option, macro and @response are the same as the Opus Make command line section.

File: Each file is a source file or object file. If a source file, the object file is inferred from rules. If an object file, the source file is inferred from rules or dependencies. Each source file is scanned for included files which are added as dependencies to the corresponding object file.

Each file may be a wild-card specification or may appear as ^file to exclude file from the list of files. If no command-line files are specified, the value of the SRCS or MKMF_SRCS macro is the list of source files.

Command-Line Options

Option Action
-b file Names file as the built-ins initialization file (the default is make.ini).
-c C-mode. Interpret C-preprocessor directives.
-d L Generate local dependency information.
-d N No dependency information is generated.
-d S Generate local and system dependency information.
-e Environment macros prevail over the makefile macros.
-f file Specify file as the makefile to be updated. When more than one "-f" appears each file is read in order but only the last makefile is updated.
-h Display a help screen.
-i Interactive mode.
-l Use makefile.lib as template makefile.
-nologo Inhibit display of Opus MKMF banner.
-oH[+] Dependencies are output hierarchically. Optional "+" outputs source name in dependency list.
-oS[+] Dependencies are output sorted (Default). Optional "+" outputs source name in dependency list.
-pA Generated dependencies have absolute path names.
-pP Generated dependencies are parameterized on the dynamic value of .HDRPATH.
-pR Generated dependencies have relative path names.
-pS Generated dependencies have path names based on the static value of .HDRPATH. (Default)
-r Reject inference rules.
-s Slow mode. Skip file scanning optimization.
-t file Specify file as the template file. Normally MKMF reads and writes the same makefile.
-v Verbose mode. Display the actions of MKMF.
-V Print out the MKMF banner and version, then quit.
-z The MKMF_FLAGS macro is not examined for options.
-# 1,2,4 Debugging options. Same as Make's command-line.


Configuration Macros [Top]

Name Value
.CDEFINES.ext Preprocessor symbol definitions for files of extension .ext.
.HDR.ext The regular expression used to find a header file in a source file of extension .ext.
.HDRPATH.ext The directory list used for locating header files for source files of extension .ext.
.TYPE.SRC The list of source file extensions.
.TYPE.OBJ The list of object file extensions.
.TYPE.C The list of C-language file extensions.
.TYPE.RC The list of file extensions for resource compiler scripts.
.TYPE.HDR The list of file extensions for header files.
.TYPE.BIN The list of file extensions for binary files.
MKMF The value is the name with which MKMF was invoked from the command line.
MKMFVERSION The version number of MKMF.
MKMF_FLAGS Additional list of command-line flags.
MKMF_PATHSEP Defines the path separator used when MKMF outputs generated dependencies.
MKMF_SRCS The list of project source files. Used if no source files are given on the command line and if the SRCS macro isn't defined.
MKMF_LINELEN The length of generated dependency lines.
MKMF_TABLEN The length of dependency line tab stops.


Automatically Updated Macros [Top]

Each time MKMF is run it updates the following makefile macros.

Name Value
EXTHDRS List of included header files outside of the current and all search directories.
HDRS List of included header files found in the current or any search directories.
OBJS List of all current object files.
OBJS.ext List of project object files with extension .ext.
SRCS List of all project source files.
SRCS.ext List of project source files with extension .ext.